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Волынки и барабаны
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Волынки и барабаны



«Pipes & Drums of St. Petersburg» — is a unique band playing traditional Scottish music and turning its every performance into a spectacular and memorable event.

For many years Scottish culture played an important role in the life of this band’s musicians so by playing this music now they return their tribute by bringing Scottish culture into the life of St. Petersburg.

Pipe & Drum bands, also known as pipe bands, have their roots in the Scottish Regiments and their music nowadays is an inseparable part of celebrations and ceremonial events in various countries of the world.

The enchanting continuous sound of the pipes, accompanied by various drumming rhythms, creates an incredibly strong impression while traditional Scottish tunes attract the listeners by their beautiful melodies and inspiring character.

«Pipes & Drums of St. Petersburg» are organised exactly in accordance with the traditional Scottish pipe band structure. The Pipe section play the world-famous Great Highland Bagpipe, whilst the Drum section have the rattling snare drums, the tenor drums with remarkably expressive panache of performance, and the powerful bass drum whose beat forms the backbone of the band’s rhythm — making the audience keep time with it at the same time.

The attire of the band also fully complies with the Scottish uniform traditions, the main element being the famous Highland Kilt. We wear the Gordon Tartan, this being the Government [or Black Watch] tartan, differenced with the addition of a Gold Line.

As a result the performance of the band becomes impressive not entirely as a musical event but also because it turns into an incredibly colourful display.

To date, this show has already received a well deserved appreciation from organisers, participants and visitors of various cultural events such as:

  • 25 years of Terem Quartet in the Big Concert Hall «Octyabrsky»;
  • Opening of the first Russian musical theater «Gorbunova» in Moscow;
  • Maxim Leonidov 50 years in the Big Concert Hall «Octyabrsky»;
  • 20 years of theater «Comic-Trust» in the Concert Hall «Carnival»;
  • The 16th International Festival of Military Bands «Viva St. Petersburg!» (in Concert Hall «Yubileyny», St. Petersburg);
  • The 12th International Folk Music Festival dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day (in «Cosmonaut» club, St. Petersburg);
  • «Kamva» Ethnofuturistic Festival (Perm’);
  • «Belomor Boogie» and «The Iron Stallion» festivals (Archangelsk);
  • «Bagpiper» Festival (St. Petersburg);
  • Opening of the Curling Annual World Championship (St. Petersburg);
  • Costume Parade dedicated to the Day of St. Petersburg;
  • Celebration of the 1150th Anniversary of Novgorod;
  • 320-anniversary of the city of Sarov;
  • Costume Carnival in Tsarskoye Selo;
  • The 9th of May (Victory Day) celebration ceremony;
  • School Graduate celebration ceremony «Scarlet Sails»;
  • St. Andrew’s Day Scottish Ball in «Astoria» Hotel (St. Petersburg);
  • Numerous parties in various Scottish, Irish and English pubs of St. Petersburg.

So why not make your own celebration even more exciting and unforgettable by including «Pipes & Drums of St. Petersburg» into its programme?